The Freedom Photographer

In my eyes, photography is another language.
It’s through the lens that I’m able to express myself – and others – in a way that spoken or written words don’t allow.
The opportunity to capture these raw human experiences is what inspires me as a freedom photographer.

Specializing In:
  • THE ROSTER SERIES (created by Katalina Freedom)
  • Live Music
  • Studio Sessions
  • Humanitarian Events
  • Freedom & Conflict Photography

Katalina Freedom approaches photography both as a Sociologist and as an Advocate. Realizing the power and beauty of highlighting the details of the human experience, she approaches the subject and the environment with an insightful eye. This empowers her to capture unique points of view that provide the most impactful images.

When the occasion arises, Katalina Freedom also approaches her work as an Advocate. As an experienced Advocate for victims of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking, she is trained and experienced in Trauma Informed Care, de-escalation and emergency intervention. Katalina remains calm and confident in the midst of conflict.